Ed is the founder and head coach of the Welsh Pole Vault Association. Ed is one of the most experienced welsh pole vault coaches with over 35 years experienced. Ed is a passionate and  dedicated coach  travelling 65 miles to Cardiff three times a week. Ed received an award for his dedication to his coaching when he won the Sport Wales Community Coach of the Year. His love for the sport shows through his very prestigious athlete CV.  Here are some of Ed’s past international athletes:

Richardo Childs 

60 Meter PB- 6.78 sec

Long Jump PB- 7.67 m

Triple Jump PB- 14 m

GB international in long jump.

20 Welsh Championship golds in all ages.

Christina Hughes 

Pole vault PB- 3.60 m

2nd in the U.K in 2008

2nd in England Championships twice (3.45 m and 3.60 m)

1st in the Celtic Games (3.45 m)

1st in the U.K School Games (3.50 m)

1st in the Schools International (3.60 m)

Naomi James 

Pole vault PB- 3.50

2nd in Celtic Games under 17  (3.20 m)

3rd in England Championships under 17 (3.50 m)

Michel Walker

Pole vault PB- 4.80 (As an under 20)

1st in AAA under 17 (4.40 m)

3rd in AAA under 20 (4.75 m)

Lyndsey Maund 

Pole vault PB- 3.90 m

1st Welsh Senior Championships (3.77 m)

Aled Price

Pole Vault PB- 4.10 m

Long Jump- 7.23 m

High Jump- 1.95

HEP PB- 4951 points

GB international in Heptathlon in Spain

Dafydd Edwards 

Under 17 Welsh record holder (2.05 m)

High Jump PB- 2.10

GB international Under 23.

Seriashe Childs 

youth commonwealth games 100 m 3rd- Same time as first two.

Childs and Mcfall 4X100 3rd in youth commonwealth games.

Engaland championships under 17 60 m 3rd.

English champs 100m 3rd twice.

Recent Athletes 

Mark Mellor

Mark Mellor is one of Ed’s current exciting and up and coming talent. Finishing 3rd as a first under 17 with a personal best of 4.21m Mark has huge potential as an athlete. Mark came to Ed as a first year under 15 with a PB of 3.00m and is now taking 2nd in the English championships as a first year under 17.  Mark has the potential to go very far as an athlete and is on track, under the guidance of Ed, to take gold and finish number 1 in the U.K.

Carys Jones

Carys is another one of E’d current athletes that is yet to see their potential. Despite having numerous injury’s Carys improved her personal best to 3.46m in 2017,  three months after being injured. Carys says that one of the reasons she recovered so quickly was Ed’s coaching and continued support. Carys is looking to stay injury free for the coming seasons and believes with Ed and Lewis’s help she can reach her potential.

Cardiff Metropolitan University 

Not only is Ed the head coach of the WPVA but he is also the pole vault coach for Cardiff Metropolitan University. Fiona Hockey is a good example of how Ed can take is athletes to the next level. Fiona won a Silver medal at BUCS, finish the season with a PB of 3.80m and finish the season 5th in the U.K. All this in here First year.

As you can see Ed has a proven track record as a coach, for more information on Ed’s coaching follow this link to his coach profile: http://www.thepowerof10.info/athletes/profile.aspx?athleteid=220526