Vault Cardiff 2018 Tickets 


Vault Cardiff tickets are going on sale this Saturday 21st at 5 pm. Last year the tickets sold out within a day so make sure you get tickets as soon as possible. For more information about what Vault Cardiff is please read below.

Vault Cardiff

The Welsh Pole Vault Association is proud to be involved in the organisation and management of Vault Cardiff. Vault Cardiff is part of the Vault Britain Series which is a series of pole vault only competitions. Vault Cardiff 2017 and Vault Cardiff 2016  the event was over subscribed within hours of the entries opening. This years Vault Cardiff had over 120 entries. These athletes were spread across 9 competitive pools on three different run ways. The amazing atmosphere that was created within the arena with the help of the DJ inspired a total of 32 personal bests and an additional 12 season best performances.

Along with a great atmosphere the competition provided an amazing amount of amazing performances, 2 of the elite men were attempting a new Vault Cardiff record 5.53m and the highest height of the day was 5.33. An amazing performance from the elite women was Sally Peake (coached by Scott Simpson) setting a new Vault Cardiff record of 4.23. Sarah McKeever’s (coached by Laurie Needham) performance is another that needs to be mentioned clearing a height of 4.13m for 2 personal bests and to reach the European U23 qualification.

In the younger age group Efan Hoogendoorn (coached by Lewis Preece) had 2 personal bests finishing with a height of 2.23m the highlight in the younger age group was Chloe Marrett who had 3 personal bests and finished the height of 2.33m.

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The full results can be found on Power of 10:

This is a link to all the pictures taken at Vault Cardiff 2017: